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300-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

Upper Division Yoga Teacher Certification

This 300-hour training is registered with Yoga Alliance and is required for the Professional Yoga Therapist program.  This program is for those of you who yearn to discover your authenticity, deliver your unique message, and teach from your innate intelligence. The emphasis of these extra 300 hours will be on the deeper, more esoteric aspects of Yoga and how to infuse these deeper practices into every Yoga class you offer, to touch as many lives as possible.

Most of the practices in the Yoga Sutras will be experienced or at least discussed within the framework of this Upper Division level. This level will also introduce you to the Science of Yoga, the Psychology of Yoga, Intuitive Therapy, and Mindfulness.

You will have abundant opportunities to practice teaching groups, small groups, peers, and private clients. You’ll also get plenty of feedback from many sources, including your teachers, your classmates, your volunteer populations, your own circle of influence, and people who are new to yoga.

The ultimate intention of this 300-hour level is for you to connect with your Self, your clients, and ultimately the Grace inherent in all beings. Your sessions will help excavate your own potential, and inspire you to bring to light the potential in others. Be prepared to study the physical practice in more depth, learn practical and simple ways to become an effective leader, and most importantly to experience union, connection, and community.

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Upon completion, you will be presented with your 300-hour certificate and will be eligible for the 500 hour RYT yoga teacher credential through yoga alliance. Included in this program are 200+ hours of face-time and 100+ hours of non-face time (in the form of reading, homework, workbook, research, volunteer teaching, peer group teaching, and practicum).

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