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Professional Yoga Therapist Certification

800-Hour Yoga Therapist Certification

Our yoga therapy training (500 upper division hours and the 300 hour program plus your 200 hour yoga teacher training as a prerequiste) is an in-depth look at how yoga supports and expedites the healing process, and how you  may profoundly contribute to the increased well-being of each of your clients.

Special attention will be placed on working one–on–one with private clients; however this information is also very helpful for those of you teaching in the group setting. These specialized hours will combine the time tested therapeutic practices of Yoga with cutting edge technology, scientific findings, and western modalities of healing to collectively address the following layers (Koshas) surrounding Self:

Annamaya Kosha:

Physical practices and techniques to encourage healing and rehabilitation of muscles, joints, and connective tissue; ways to work with injury to both avoid re-injury and support full recovery. More anatomy, physiology, and applied kinesiology is offered as well.

Pranamaya Kosha:

Specific breathing practices and techniques to heal and stimulate the breath body; breath work and breath therapy to tune into the subtle body and heal the more energetic layers; use of Kriya Yoga, and other breathing meditations to include breathing as part of any therapy.

Manomaya Kosha:

Therapeutic disciplines specifically for the mental/emotional part of ourselves; a synthesis of science, medicine, and psychology; a study in how powerful presence is in all forms of healing. Ayurvedic and Western Medicine will be covered here to further our understanding and preparedness.

Vijñanamaya Kosha:

Individualized routines and strategies are developed and assigned to support each client in relying more on their own intuition and innate intelligence; work that results in breaking of habitual thought patterns, self-destructive loops, and self-sabotage; powerful techniques to support evolution of consciousness in both individuals and in our community.

Anandamaya Kosha:

Tools to support moving away from identification with form, misperceptions of reality, and unnecessary suffering; practices that coax people toward remembering the true nature of Self in a way that is both loving and long-lasting.

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The ultimate intention of this program is to further your own journey of rediscovery, to learn how to support others in their journey, and to contribute to raising the vibration of your community. Be prepared to experience the purest form of yoga – our intention to resonate at our highest vibration together.

The prerequisites to this program are: the 100 hour General Education course, the 100 hour “Yoga as a Therapeutic Tool” course, and the 500 hour Upper Division course (or a comparable program — subject to school guidelines and approval).

Upon completion you will be certified at the 1000 hour, “Professional Yoga Therapist” level.

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